Other goings on – Week 1

I’m feeling very productive this week.

On top of starting my week of soup, I made a meal plan this week and have stuck with it so far.  Granted, it’s only Tuesday, but I feel pretty good about it!

I also got the urge to do some midnight baking.  Someone posted a recipe for Oatmeal Creme Pies on Facebook and I felt inspired.  This is the recipe I followed, found on the blog Carlsbad Cravings.  I probably put in only about half the ground clove called for, only because I don’t really like cloves, but followed the recipe otherwise.


While these were undeniably delicious, they were also quite rich.  I can’t eat more than one in a sitting, which is probably a good thing.

The plain cookies were really tasty.  I may have been a bit impatient and I ate a few while I finished cooking the rest.  The cream filling is good too, but very sweet.  I think next time, I would cut back on the powdered sugar by quite a bit.

I have also been productive outside of the kitchen.  This weekend, I got an end table to put next to our couch, which is replacing a tiny glass circular table that is attached to a lamp, which I’ve probably had since college.  I feel like such a grown up!

A nicer table requires coasters, so what else is there to do but whip some up?  I searched on Ravelry for a coaster pattern that I liked, grabbed some yarn from my stash, and got hooking!  That’s crochet, for those of you who are not fiber-art inclined.

I got to try out a new stitch I’d never heard of for the edging, called the crab stitch.  It’s basically a backwards single crochet and creates a nice bumpy edge.  I think I’ll be using it again sometime in the future since I quite liked it!


The picture doesn’t do it justice because the yarn is a pretty green color, but it’ll do for now.  Someday I’ll remember to take pictures during the daytime so the colors are more true to life.


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