Behind again! Weeks 14 through 16


Anyone noticing a pattern here?  Mainly me being a terrible slacker!

This has been a terrible year for productivity for me!  Not only have I fallen behind on BOTH making and posting about my weekly soups, I haven’t managed to pick up much knitting either.  I’m going to chalk it up to exhaustion from a much more difficult second kid and good ol’ fashioned laziness.  Fair season is coming up and I have nothing to enter yet!  Sad times.  I’ve got a reputation to uphold!

Fortunately other parts of my life are going a little better.  My three year old is almost potty trained (yay!) and I’ve binge-watched a lot of good shows.  That’s an accomplishment, right?

I’ve decided I’m going to post three soups this time.  Two at a time is just taking too long considering how behind I keep getting!  I’m also just going to link to the original recipes on the sites where I have them this time (and probably the next few posts as well), but I’ll still mention any changes I made or would make based on my experience.


The next soup in line for week 14 was unstuffed cabbage soup, which I pinned from The Daily Meal.  Bonus for anyone who cares – it’s Paleo!

I really love stuffed cabbage.  I tried it for the first time while I was dating my husband.  We lived over an hour apart and I worked (and still work) from home, so I would drive up for a few days at a time and work out of his apartment.  I grabbed lunch from the hot food bar at a local grocery store pretty often and I found these little bundles of deliciousness.  I’ve had them a few other places, as well as attempted making them myself, and they’ve never quite lived up to those delicious grocery store buffet cabbage rolls.  Mmmm.

This soup came REALLY close to the flavor of those cabbage rolls and I have no complaints about the flavor of the soup.  There are still a few things I would change but all the issues I had were textural.

I should have chopped the cabbage smaller because the large-ish pieces were hard to eat.  I also didn’t like that the meat was in meatball form.  The meatballs themselves were delicious and I really like that they are made with cauliflower and zucchini.  I don’t personally have a problem eating those vegetables on their own, but this is a great way to sneak veggies in for a reluctant veggie eater!

My issue with the meatballs was that they were too big.  I actually ended up taking my mix-n-chop to my entire bowl and making everything smaller so that it was easier to eat.  Meatballs are also a lot of work between forming them individually and browning them evenly in a pan.  I’d rather throw it all in a pan and mash it up anyway!


Week 15 was loaded cauliflower soup, which I pinned from the blog wannabite.

I have bad luck when it comes to cooking cauliflower usually and this soup was no exception.  The consistency was very separated, especially once I added the cheese.  So I went with my go-to fix-all solution.  I attacked it with my stick blender.  The consistency got a lot smoother, but it was still a bit odd.

Despite my texture issues (2 for 2 so far on this post’s soups) the flavor was pretty good.  It’s like a lighter version of a loaded potato soup.  And who doesn’t love a soup topped with bacon?!


I got to go to a store that I shouldn’t be allowed to go to on my own while shopping for ingredients for the week 16 soup: Lobster bisque.

I bought some frozen lobster tails and thought bisque would be a great use for them.  Most of the recipes I found called for cooking a whole lobster and reserving the juice though, so I went looking for a different solution.  This led me to Bar Harbor and their bottled lobster juice, as well as their recipe using said juice.

The only local store that showed up in the “where to buy” list was Wegman’s.  Oh Wegman’s, how I love you.  From the huge tea section, locked up truffles, Wagyu beef that I could never afford, and the huuuuge cheese section, what’s not to love?  And I could go on!  The macarons, the sushi and hot food bars, the amazing deli…I’m sorry, what was I talking about?

The soup turned out pretty well, though the lobster meat wasn’t as tender as I was hoping.  I thawed the tails and cut them into chunks, then added them to the soup at the end just to cook them through.  I’m not sure what I could have done differently to make them more tender.  In case you didn’t notice though, the picture is of an empty pot because we ate it all before I remembered to take a picture.  So that’s a testament of how tasty it was!

I’ve already made weeks 17 through 19 so I will be adding another 3-soup post in the (hopefully VERY near) future.  Of course, then I have to make and post the other 9 soups before I’m caught up.  I can do it!


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