Week 8 – Pina Colada


Phew, it has been a crazy couple of weekends! Between my little sister’s baby shower, work requiring weekend hours, and the tiny humans requiring my attention, I’m a little bit behind on my drinks. So I decided a Thursday night was the perfect time to catch up! We’ll see if I still feel that way in the morning…

I actually made 2 drinks tonight, but the first one was soooo terrible that I didn’t make it past the first sip. It was entirely my fault. I tried to get away with using fake lime juice since I’ve allowed 2 bags of limes to shrivel and harden past the point of usefulness over the past couple of weeks. Hot tip of the week…don’t use fake lime juice. I’ll be trying that one again after a trip to the store tomorrow for yet another bag of limes, which I will plan to use immediately this time!

My second drink was much more successful. I picked up a bottle of cream of coconut at the grocery store a little while ago and decided to try a Pina Colada, which was one of the recipes on the label.

I got to use my new cocktail shaker! I’ve been using a standard stainless steel shaker so far, which I’ve had for many, many years, but it gets so cold as you’re shaking up drinks! I’d taken to putting on my oven gloves first. I went searching online for an insulated cocktail shaker, but most of them were just the stainless steel with some sort of sleeve with a corny design, which wasn’t appealing to me. Then I found one called Shaker 33.

This is a pretty cool cocktail shaker, and I believe it started as a Kickstarter. It’s sold on Amazon now, but I’m a big fan of ideas that come out of Kickstarter campaigns. The design is pretty cool, with a sleek look and a built in strainer. It’s made of plastic so it sort of looks like a Tupperware version of a cocktail shaker, but much more elegant. And it doesn’t freeze my hands! This was my first night trying it out and I’m impressed so far!

I was also excited this week to finally use my favorite souvenir from Mexico! I feel like I’ve been talking about that cruise a lot lately, and maybe that’s because it’s the most exciting thing I had going on in a while. Anyway, I got a big ol’ hand-painted margarita glass and this seemed like an appropriate time to use it. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty lax about the glassware that I use for these drinks. My selection is pretty limited, though I did add the pretty glass mugs recently, so I’ll have to find more hot beverages to make to get some more use out of those! Or I’ll just put some random cocktail into one of them. That’s more my style anyway.


This drink is pretty sweet so prepare yourself for that. I tried a little bit of the cream of coconut since it dripped as I was measuring it out and it was damn tasty on its own! I might have to find other applications for it, especially since Greg doesn’t like coconut so I rarely get the chance to work it into any of my other culinary creations.

The recipe said that this drink could be served over ice or blended. I tried it over ice first, mostly because the kids are asleep and I didn’t want to wake them with the blender. Oh, and because I’m lazy. It was ok, but not great. I don’t think the texture really works well over ice since the cream of coconut is a thick syrup consistency and it felt a bit weird. So I grabbed the blender and plugged it into an outlet in the living room, as far away from the kids’ rooms as I could get. I liked the consistency much better, though I should have used more ice (but I didn’t notice the water was low in my ice machine reservoir in time and my ice supply was limited). Next time!

Note that I took my pictures pre-blended. I also got all excited about my cocktail shaker since I tried it unblended first, but you won’t use a cocktail shaker with the blended version. And I do recommend the blended version. It got a nice froth on top and was a nice creamy consistency.

Since this drink is only 3 ingredients (plus ice), it is an easy one to throw together. It would also be good for larger groups since you could whip up a whole bunch at once in the blender. Plus it satisfied my sweet tooth enough for me to resist the Oreos calling from the pantry. And I got a good coconut fix out of it. Not enough to resist Samoas if I had those in the pantry, but alas, I am Girl Scout Cookie-less! So my tasty beverage will have to do for now.

Pina Colada

RICOH IMAGINGIngredients (per drink)

1 1/2 oz white rum
3 oz pineapple juice
3 oz cream of coconut
Ice – at least 1 cup, more for a thicker consistency

In a blender, add all ingredients and blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and enjoy.




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