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Hi there!  I’m Liz!  I use the name Algebrina online though.  It’s a nickname that my friend Megan gave me once because I really like math and numbers, and it’s also a convenient username since it’s always available!

I work for a company based in Utah, but I live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with my husband, two young kids, and boxer.  I’ve worked from home for nearly 9 years and I love it!  But my career and my family keep me very busy!  When I do have some free time, I enjoy knitting and cooking.

I decided to create this blog to chronicle my year of weekly themed recipes, and I later changed it to include my knitting goals.

In 2013, I made a sweet or savory pie every week throughout the year.  It was a lot of fun and I got pretty damn good at making a pie crust!  I kept track of my pies using Pinterest and Facebook, but I didn’t particularly like the end result.  I posted the pictures from the original recipes using Pinterest and the character limit in the description just wasn’t big enough.  On Facebook, I posted my own pictures, which weren’t very good, and was more wordy with my reviews, but I was limited to one picture per pie unless I wanted to make a collage.

In 2014, I was going to make a souffle each month throughout the year.  I decided after my year of pie that weekly was just too hard to keep up with.  Unfortunately, after a cheese souffle, a chocolate souffle, and a peanut butter souffle, my husband and I realized that neither of us particularly likes souffle!  I was also pregnant starting in the spring and I lost all of my appetite and energy, so I decided to give up on my cooking goal for the year.

In 2015, I was ready to get back in the kitchen!  I really missed the fun of trying a new recipe each week and telling everyone about it, so I started this blog!  The theme was soup, both sweet and savory, and I managed to keep up with it for a few months.  My commitment fizzled out before the end of the year though.

In 2016, I chose cocktails! I managed to keep up with it for a few months, but again it fizzled out.

I think I’ve learned my lesson, so I’ve changed my medium as well as my goal. In 2017, I rededicated myself to knitting and I made a goal to complete one project (or more) every month. I also decided to start a knitting video podcast, called Just One N.

The old posts will still be around, but most of the new activity will be pretty sparse and mostly just point you to my podcast episodes. Enjoy!


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